From the van der Puije’s

The van der Puije/Safo paths crossed in 1979. Our children were of the same ages; hence it was natural that we shared our joys and worries.

Tante Gabi was multifaceted and creatively talented. She was extremely enthusiastic when the kids, especially Anneke and Kuki, acted out short plays especially for Christmas.

Everyone was welcomed by Tante Gabi. What we appreciated specially was her pawpaw compote.

We undertook a lot of excursions and spent wonderful weekends on the beach.

The economic situation at the time in Ghana made it necessary for Tante Gabi to work some months of the year in Germany. We always trooped to the airport when she returned and she was welcomed back by us with open arms.

We also visited her in Fulda though her place was tiny but we three had a lot of fun on that visit.

We will miss Tante Gabi, she is and will always be a part of us.

Gabi with Oliver and Kingsley